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Colorado Aromatics offers high performance, natural skin care products made in Colorado. At Colorado Aromatics we understand the effect the Colorado climate and the outdoor lifestyle has on your skin. Our products use the power of herbs and the wisdom of science for peak performance. Our farm to skin brand combines the best of traditional herbal remedies with modern scientific discoveries that result in healthy, beautiful, vibrant skin for the outdoor lifestyle. Our rich, earthy aromas are light, refreshing and rejuvenating. We use all natural, plant-based ingredients grounded in well-studied, fact-based science to create products that are safe for you and the environment, highly effective and provide the results you need and want from your skincare while staying practical and not overwhelming you with too many choices. This holistic approach considers body, mind, spirit as well as the environment. Real Ingredients for Real Results. Try Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care and Realize your skin.




Our customers are hard working, hard playing individuals. If you spend much of your time outdoors be it hiking, camping, skiing, gardening or farming, you’ll find that Colorado Aromatics is an important part of your gear and your lifestyle.




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Skin Damage from the Outdoors!

Does your lifestyle involve being outdoors?  If so, have you thought about skin damage from the outdoors? I spend a large portion of my time outside in the summers farming, but I also like to hike, bike ride, snowshoe and cross country ski. Being outside has many...

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How to Revive Skin After Being Outdoors

For most of us, living in Colorado (and elsewhere) means an active, outdoor lifestyle.  But exposure to the elements takes a toll on skin causing redness, irritation, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, wrinkling and other skin damage. All of this results in premature aging....

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Why Antioxidant Rich Skin Care?

Antioxidants are important in skin care to help protect the skin from oxidative damage. What are antioxidants? Antioxidants are compounds that bind to free oxygen radicals preventing them from damaging healthy cells. What do free radicals do? Free Radicals are...

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