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Face Care Products

Sun Damaged Skin from spending time outdoors? See the difference Colorado Aromatics can make.

Protect and revive your outdoor skin.

Dry air, Wind, Cold, we've got you covered.

Your outdoor lifestyle keeps you healthy, but exposure to the elements can make your skin look and feel dry and damaged. Colorado Aromatics antioxidant rich face care products will help your skin feel it's best - on the trail and off.

Rescue your dry, dull skin

Nourish thirsty skin with hydrating botanicals and brighten with complex anti-oxidants derived from clean, sustainably grown herbs.

Protect your skin barrier function

Your skin barrier is damaged by UV light, dry weather, wind, irritation and over exfoliation. We use ingredients that sooth the skin and support the skin barrier function.

Professional Products

Looking for our most powerful products? Check out our Professional Grade products designed for esthetician use.