Herbal Facial Steam


An aromatic blend of herbs to use as a steam facial.


We fill an 8 oz glass jar full of the most beautiful and aromatic herbs and flowers from our farm to use as a steam facial. Use this to deep cleanse and condition the face. Put 1-2 tablespoons in a wide bowl and pour boiling water over the herbs. Let it cool slightly and then hold your face at a comfortable distance in the steam. Cover your head with a towel to help hold in steam. Rest there for 5-10 minutes while you inhale the aromatic vapors. Pat your skin dry and followup with Springtide Face Moisturizer. This product is vegan. You’ll love this aromatic treatment.

Contains: Rose Petals, Mint, Lemon Verbena, Red Clover, and Lavender bud. 15 grams

Our herbs are all Certified Naturally Grown.

A steam facial helps to loosen dirt and dead skin cells, cleans pores, and increases circulation. This is beneficial for all skin types.

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Weight .7 lbs


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