What is Farm to Skin?

A New Revolution in Skincare

There is a new revolution in skin care today, that of  ‘Farm to Skin’. It rises from the philosophy of green, wholesome, and fresh.  It parallels the Farm to Table movement where consumers want more knowledge about their food, where it comes from and how it is grown.  To us Farm to Skin is a way to bring the most healthy benefits to the skin as well a provide a more sustainable business model.

We grow herbs on Colorado Aromatics family farm which gives us an intimate bond with the earth; the soil, the seasons, the weather. It means we are in it for the long haul and have planted an abundant amount of herbs that we know are beneficial to the skin. Our farm has been Certified Naturally Grown.

My morning involves feeding my goats and chickens before starting work. Regardless of whether it is 90 degrees or there is 3 feet of snow, I get outside first thing in the morning. This helps connect me to the earth and gives me an awareness to start the day. In the distance Longs Peak and Mount Meeker rise as guardians to our farm.

Longs and Meeker Peaks from Colorado Aromatics Farm

Herb Extracts for Skin

We harvest our herbs and dry them carefully in our herb hut for later extracts. Some of the herbs we harvest and put immediately into our still while fresh for extraction by distillation. When we make herb extracts we are extracting important components from the herbs that encompass antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, cell rejuvenators, skin softeners, and even anti-viral properties in some cases.

Green Chemistry and Skincare

Farm to Skin means all natural; choosing ingredients that are agricultural and renewable which not only keeps our business sustainable but helps other sustainable businesses. That doesn’t mean chemistry is not involved. Unfortunately chemistry has gotten a bad wrap. Plants are actually small chemical factories that produce an abundance of phytochemicals that promote health. It is also possible to create renewable, sustainable green products in a lab using the proper techniques and knowledge. This is called ‘green chemistry’. Every time we cook we are using green chemistry.

Holistic Skincare

Farm to skin means a holistic approach that protects the health and well being of the individual and the planet. It means authentic and artisanal. We make all of our products by hand on our farm so we know everything about them. We make them feel luxurious on the skin and use ingredients that really work. It means that all of our products contain herbs that are grown on our farm. We believe that the beauty of the herbs and the beauty of our environment shines through in our products.

Our products grew out of our presence at the farmers market and wanting to provide farmers market customers with an alternative to the mass marketed products found on the store shelves.  Customers who want the best food and want to know their farmers are also wanting an artisan, natural skin care product that comes from the farm and really works.

Our products are designed for consumers looking for a less invasive treatment that doesn’t require an office visit.

Formulating Skincare for the Outdoors

We formulate for people who like the outdoors, who hike, bike, climb, camp, farm/garden, swim or just enjoy being outside. The benefit of our ingredients is that they repair skin damage caused by the environment; the sun, wind, altitude and having fun outdoors. We also call this philosophy ‘Cultivated Skin Care’ and hope to cultivate new ways of thinking and doing. Colorado Aromatics is different than the rest, are you?

Dr. Cindy Jones


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