Summer on The Farm

Summers are quite busy for us here at the Colorado Aromatics farm. We are busy growing, harvesting, drying, processing herbs and getting them on the shelf for storage for making extracts durin the rest of the year. Many of the herbs though are distilled to make the watery extract sometimes known as a hydrosol and saved in that form. We are also busy at Farmers Markets; both Longmont and Boulder. This means that sometimes I forget to keep up with blogging.

We have several volunteers that come to the farm and volunteer to whom we are always grateful.

We had a great lavender harvest this year, but looks like the calendula harvest will be minimal. Most of the other 30 herbs we grow are doing well too. While I love farming and being here in our little paradise, farming leaves little time to hike and visit the mountains. Hopefully fall will be more cooperative for our other outdoor activities.

Here are a few pictures of the farm of things other than plants! We added a few new goats and chickens to our farm recently. Credit for the first two go to Gavin Wahl, credit for the chicken goes to Nancy Reaume.




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