Skin Care Trends We Can Get Behind

Skin Care Trends We Can Get Behind


As a business owner I read about trends in skin care. Some make me snicker a little and roll my eyes. But here are some skin care trends of 2023 that we can really get into and why.


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Holistic Treatments


Holistic skin care addresses more than just the skin. We have written about what we consider the Four Pillars of Holistic Skin Care before. These are diet and nutrition, controlling stress, getting enough exercise and using natural products on your skin. All of these are necessary to achieve healthy skin.



Improving the Skin Barrier Function


One of the main functions of skin is to act as a barrier. It keeps bad things out of our body and holds good things (like water) in our body. Many skin care treatments, such as excessive exfoliation, can damage the skin barrier function. This can lead to many problems including sensitive skin and red, blotchy patches. Healthy skin has a good barrier function. Read about the Skin Barrier Function here.


Focus on Menopausal Skin


Not many companies talk about menopausal skin. As we loose estrogen during and after menopause, this can have dramatic effects on skin. Mainly we see loss of collagen and loss of firmness as well skin dehydration. We make products that provide intense hydration and promote collagen production because they are not only important for menopausal skin, but all skin. This warrants writing a blog about soon.




We are busy people and our skin care routine does not have to be 10 steps! We promote a quicker and more affordable skin care routine. This gets you outside doing what you love faster.



Popular Skin Care Ingredients


Four ingredients that are said to be popular in skin care this year are niacinamide, vitamin C, peptides and ATP. You can find niacinamide in our new Elder B Essence. Vitamin C is in our Springtide face creams as well as our Parsley C serum.


Peptides give our Springtide Gold and Professional Springtide that extra boost to help collagen. A separate peptide is used in Razz Professional to help tighten skin. We don’t use ATP directly but we use coenzyme Q10 which is important in the manufacture of ATP in our Aspenglow facial balm.



Skin Care Trends we won't get behind


IV drips. Rather than getting your vitamins and hydration from an IV we want your vitamins and nutrients to come from food and topical application.


Snail mucin. Snail mucin provides a skin benefit by soothing the skin and providing moisture. There are many herbal extracts that act in a similar way and we prefer to use those. Some herbs we use for this are calendula, mallow and fennel.



Salmon sperm. Salmon sperm provides anti inflammatory properties to skin. Again, there are many herbal extracts that provide anti-inflammatory properties and we prefer those. Among them are horehound, hops, and calendula.


What skin care trends do you find interesting?

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