Skin Care Tips for Skiers

Skincare Tips for Skiers and Winter Sports Enthusiasts

 Skiers and snowboarders have special skin care needs because they are exposed to extreme sun, wind, altitude and dry mountain air. But if you love the beauty of the mountains and would rather be out on the slopes than inside, let’s talk about some skin care tips for skiers. 


You are presenting your skin with a number of challenges; altitude, wind, dry air, sun . . . all of which can cause skin damage and compromise the barrier function of your skin which can lead to more problems. You are also prone to dry skin, wind burn, sun damage and dull skin.

The effects of UV light are intensified at higher altitude and it will reflect off the snow right on to your face. So be sure to use a sunscreen; one that uses zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide.

Prevent loss of skin moisture

Make sure you remember to drink water as you will dehydrate faster than you expect. Cover as much skin as possible to protect it from the environment. Do not use too hot of a shower or bath (or hot tub) as this will also dry out skin.

Use a good, rich face moisturizer that is rich in antioxidants that can help repair skin damage and promote collagen. The ingredients in Springtide Gold face cream are specific for repairing skin damage caused by sun, wind and altitude. These ingredients include green tea, calendula, fennel, peptides, vitamin C, frankincense essential oil and petitgrain essential oil. This is a heavy, moisturizing cream that will help the driest of skin. It is important to use a product to soothe, calm and protect the skin barrier function.

Add a thin layer of a balm to your cheekbones before going out in the wind. This oil/wax layer will help protect the skin from the wind. Knuckle balm contains calendula to help epithelial cells and plantain which is soothing.  

Since writing this article, we have introduced our Aspenglow Facial Balm. This is an antioxidant rich formula that is perfect for applying to skin before going out in the cold and wind. The eight active ingredients will help support the skin barrier function, decrease sun damage to skin and provide a barrier to wind.

If you do end up with wind burn or even sun burn your skin will be more sensitive for awhile. Sooth it with a lavender or lemon balm face/body mist and then a thin layer of Parsley Eye Serum. This all oil serum will penetrate skin to soothe windburned skin.


Lips need care too!

Don’t forget to keep a lip balm tube in your pocket as your lips will also suffer in the wind. Exposure to the cold and UV light can put you at risk for developing cold sores. Colorado Aromatics Lip Balms contain the herb lemon balm to soothe lips and prevent cold sores. We also use raspberry seed oil to really hydrate dry, chapped lips. They come in a tube or a tin.

Use a heavy cream for your hands to help dry, chapped skin. We recommend Dream Lake Body Butter. If you are prone to cracks and fissures on the cuticles and knuckles try Knuckle Balm.

Need a body powder to prevent excess moisture on the feet, groin, or hands? Try our Chalk Creek Deodorant Body powder that uses finely ground herbs and essential oils to keep you dry and smelling good. Excess moisture can result in a red, itching rash as well as odor.

 Apres Skiing Skin Care

After the slopes, use a gentle, moisturizing cleanser that won’t strip your skin. You’ll also want to exfoliate gently to prevent dull skin.  Extreme exfoliation removes the protective stratum corneum from your skin and can make skin more sensitive to damage. Meadow Mist Face Cleanser has jojoba beads which provide a mild exfoliation while removing dirt and perspiration without stripping skin.

You may also want to bring some detoxing bath salts to soak in and a pain balm with you as well.

Relax by the fire after a fun day on the slopes! But don’t get too close. The heat from the fire is also going to dry out your skin.



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If you are coming to Colorado to ski, it is always advised to spend a day or two at the altitude of Denver and the front range (5,000 ft) before going to the ski resorts which are higher elevation. Feel free to come by our store in Longmont to pick up your skin care needs before going up to the mountains.

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