Seven Products with Added Uses

Alternate Uses for Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skincare Products in the Spa, by Karen Kress LE

I found Colorado Aromatics while shopping for a natural product line to use and retail in my aesthetics practice.  I have been nothing but pleased with the products ever since.  More clients are becoming educated and more particular about what goes into their products and onto their skin. Colorado Aromatics is a seed to skin concept that is easy to promote to your clients who use natural products, who support local businesses or women owned businesses, and who care about the environment (You won’t hurt any fish using their shampoo in stream while camping! Nice!).

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I have also discovered several cross uses for these products in my spa. In my wax room for instance, I would much rather use a blend of botanical oils on my clients’ skin than an overpriced bottle of mineral oil. (Do you know mineral oil is a byproduct of refining petroleum?) As I replenish spa products now, I read ingredients to see if I am paying for an ingredient or a just brand name.

Here are some alternate ways that I have found Colorado Aromatics products to be useful for my spa clients.

Springtide Face Cream is soothing on my face when I have gotten too much sun so I tried it after waxing. It calmed that angry skin down right away!  Now I use it in my spa for after wax care. You can use the regular or gold versions.

Yarrow Oil Cleanser & Makeup Remover is a great first step prep for facial waxing. I pump it onto a cotton round, wipe each area and wax.  Follow with Springtide to soothe.

Botanical Salt Scrubs I use before leg waxing to exfoliate dead skin, keep bumps away, pre-wax oils the skin perfectly and is an add-on that feels great and leaves your clients legs so, so soft.

Razz Tightening Serum.  If you do lash extensions, you know oil is the enemy! I have my lash clients use Razz as their eye treatment. It is an oil free, hyaluronic acid serum with tightening ingredients and peptides. Then they love you even more knowing there is something they can use!

Oasis Spray Lotion.  I accidentally found out this a great frizz calming, leave-in hair treatment. Now I give 1 spritz (too much is greasy looking) onto my hands and give a “Hair Masque” at the end of a facial by softly pulling it through their hair as I am unwrapping their head. It smells great and their hair is soft as ever.

Parsley Eye Serum. I wish it didn’t say EYE in the name – I have several uses for this vitamin K rich bottle of gold! It’s great for dark circles under the eye, as well as to improve crepey skin, scars and the best one – it has improved my worst stretch marks!

Face & Body Mist.  My spa is in a salon, I also use these toning mists to break the ice and chat up the stylist’s clients. It’s a great way to lure them into wanting to know more.

Colorado Aromatics also offers a growing line of professional grade products that we use. The ingredients and sophisticated formulations are natural yet extremely effective. These products have active ingredients in strengths equivalent to well-marketed, larger (more expensive) brands.  The difference is that there isn’t anyone between the formulator and your client, except you.  This allows Colorado Aromatics to offer a superior product at a much more reasonable cost. 

If you would like to know more, please contact us for pricing and products for estheticians.

Cindy’s note: Karen Kress is a licensed esthetician and part of our customer service team at Colorado Aromatics. She also has her own Spa, Body and Face Aesthetics that is next to our store. You can get treatments from Karen at Colorado Aromatics or at Body and Face.

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