Seed to Soap

We often call our type of skin care products ‘Farm to Skin’ to emphasize the importance and benefits of the herbs we grow. As I was making pumpkin soap I thought of the term ‘Seed to Soap’ and wanted to illustrate that here. I find it exciting to be able to follow the process from seed to soap - or other end product.

First we plant the seeds and care for them; watering and weeding. But before that we till the soil and add nutrients in the form of manure and compost.

pumpkin seed

We patiently wait as the vines grow and produce pumpkins, hoping that the squirrels, birds and rabbits don’t take too much.


When its ready, we cut the pumpkin from the vine and spend some time enjoying it beautiful shape and color. Then we roast it in the oven for awhile.

We scoop out the pulp, mash it, and include it in our soap formula along with just a little cinnamon and clove essential oils.

After making the soap and cutting it, we cure it for 4 weeks on our shelf before wrapping it and bringing it to market to sell. See that beautiful orange color? We don’t add anything but pumpkin in there to color it so you know that the great orange color is vitamin A. Do you think this is going to be good for your skin? You betcha!

pumpkin soap



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