Perfect Makekup Application

I am so excited to have makeup artist Laura Lee working here at Colorado Aromatics. She brings in so many new ideas. She is also studying to be an esthetician. Here is her take on prepping the skin for a perfect makeup application:
by Laura Lee
Laura Lee

How To Prep Your Skin For A Perfect Makeup Application

For a perfect makeup application it is important to start with a clean canvas. Keep in mind that not all facial cleansers are also makeup removers. Yesterday’s makeup can sometimes still be there without you realizing it.  Test your cleanser to see if it is really removing your makeup by wiping a cotton ball with witch hazel or toner over cleansed skin.  Check the cotton ball to see if there is any makeup residue.


I love the Colorado Aromatic’s Yarrow Oil Cleanser because it breaks down makeup and oil, leaving the skin feeling nicely balanced.
Next, I like to spray the face with a Colorado Aromatics Hydrosol, Face Mister (your choice of scent) and immediately follow with the Razz Tightening Serum (Razz).  This serum is especially great around the eyes and lips.  It is lightweight and sinks into the skin right away, allowing you to easily apply makeup around the eye area.  If you struggle with eye makeup traveling down your face during the day, the culprit could be too much emollient eye creams.
Dehydrated skin doesn’t wear makeup well.  If the skin has already soaked up the Hydrosol, I will spray again and apply the moisturizer on top.  I massage both into the skin making sure I am covering the entire face.  If you have dry patches lightly pat an extra layer on top.  If you are feeling especially oily in certain areas, leave them for last and lightly pat whatever moisturizer is left on your fingers onto the oily areas. The Springtide Anti-Aging Face Cream is great because it softens and protects your skin.
I like to start on makeup immediately after the skin is prepped.  Especially for dehydrated or drier skin, it helps to start blending the foundation into the skin while the skin is still tacky from prepping.  Take your time working the foundation into the skin.  It should buff into your skin as opposed to sitting on top or just layering over moisturizer.
If you prefer less coverage and more moisture you can easily make your perfect tinted moisturizer.  I love mixing the Oasis Spray Lotion with a little liquid or creme foundation on the back of my hand.  It will sheer out the foundation and add extra moisture.

Finishing touch for makeup application

After I am done applying the makeup, I will set with one more spritz of the hydrosol.  It helps seal everything into the skin and can also be very helpful in making it look more like skin and less like makeup.  Take time to breathe deep and enjoy the benefits of the hydrosol as you spray.  You’re ready to go!
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