Herbal Extracts

I have people ask me that since our products contain herbs, do we still make them in the winter when it is not growing season. The answer is ‘YES’, we make products regularly so they are fresh, and we do it by making herbal extracts. The process is that during the summer we grow and harvest our herbs on our Certified Naturally  Grown Farm.

Most of them get dried on racks in our ‘herb hut’, however, some of them, such as lavender, get distilled fresh to use as our facial hydrators or toners as well as to use in our products. We store them on our farm in the dried form and make extracts from them. Here you see calendula and chamomile on our shelf. Calendula is by far the herb we use the most of in our products. You can read more about the benefits of calendula here. We store the herbs roughly alphabetically.

dried calendula

The extracts can be extracted in oil, alcohol or water depending upon the product. You can read more about the science of herb extracts here. We then store these extracts in our lab in jars for use in our products.  It is these herb extracts that go into the products, except of course for our dried herb blends that are used for bath teas and dream pillows. All winter long we are making products that use these herb extracts in them and we make new extracts as needed.  Here you see some of the oil extracts on our shelf.

herbal oils


Using herbs grown on our farm is part of our ‘Farm to Skin’ philosophy that means we oversee the process from the time the seed is planted until the final product goes in the jar. You know you are getting a quality product when you purchase Colorado Aromatics.

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