Galentine’s Day Spa Party

Having a Spa Party is a great way to celebrate Galentine's Day. Galentine’s Day, celebrated February 13, has grown in popularity it seems. An internet search revealed that Galentine’s Day was created by Lelsie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) of Parks and Recreation TV show in 2010! You can read about that episode here. It is an opportunity for women to spend quality time together and celebrate. While there are many things you can do for Galentine’s Day, I think celebrating with a spa party is a great idea!

Woman with clay mask on



A Galentine’s Spa Night can be combined with a wine tasting, cookie baking or anything else. But here is what you will need for your Spa Night:


Plan refreshments ahead.


Spa Water is a great refreshment and can be made with fresh fruits, veggies and herbs. Although you are limited in the winter months, get what looks fresh at the store. Lemon, lime, cucumber or strawberry slices are great to use in spa water. If you can find fresh mint or basil those will be great too. Simply slice fruits/ veggies into a gallon sized picture until it is about half full. Then fill the pitcher with water. Let it set an hour or so to let the fruits/ herbs can release their flavors. Store this in the refrigerator, but drink it the same day or the next. These drinks are fun to do in the summer when you can load them up with fresh herbs.


You can also look up a recipe for the ancient agua fresca drink often made with fresh pineapple, watermelon or hibiscus. It is a little more involved but well worth it.


Look up some recipes for finger foods such as tea sandwiches or have some hummus and veggies.


Spa Night Set Up


It’s good to do this in the kitchen where there is plenty of counter space to use. Each guest should have a:


  • washcloth
  • hand towel
  • head band to hold back the hair
  • Small bowl and spoon to mix their mask
  • Clay Mask - one packet is good for about 3-4 people.


Before applying the clay mask, have everyone wash their face at the sink using Meadow Mist Face Cleanser.



Facial Mask Bar


Use our clay mask for the mask portion of the facial. You can prepare several options for guests to choose from to add to their clay mask. Here are some suggestions.


Apple juice – a good source of alpha hydroxy acids for exfoliation. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammmatory agents.


Yogurt (full fat) – a good source of lactic acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) for exfoliation. Good source of moisturizing fats for the skin.


Lavender Hydrosol – A relaxing aroma and a source of antioxidants and anti-inflammmatory agents. This is something we distill on our farm from lavender that we grow.


Green tea – Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Green tea can also improve skin hydration, protect against UVB damage, inhibit wrinkles, and increase skin elasticity. Can you tell it is one of our favorite skin care ingredients?


Beer – yes, you read that right. Beer is great for the skin. Why? The yeast used to ferment beer is rich in B vitamins that can increase skin elasticity. Hops are good as antioxidants and anti-inflammtories. Malt used in beer can help exfoliate the skin, stabilize collagen and elastin, and prevent premature aging of skin.

A variety of liquids for your clay mask


Put a teaspoon or two of our Clay Mask in a small bowl for each guest. Let everyone decide what they will use to hydrate their clay mask, adding.enough of the liquid to make a thin paste. You can use water too if needed to get a good consistency.


Guests will then use their fingers to spread the mask over their face.


Let the mask set for several minutes until dry. This time can be used for enjoying refreshments or telling stories.


Once the mask is dry, use a wet washcloth to remove it. Having some water pre-warmed for this is a good idea. Once the clay is completely removed. It is nice to spritz the face with a hydrosol or with our Elder B Essence Spray. Make sure to then apply Springtide Gold Face Moisturizer to skin. Check the mirror as I am sure everyone is glowing now!


You could give a small gift to each Galentine Guest too; a face/body mist, a hand crafted soap, or a small lotion are good examples.


A party like this is not just for Galentine’s Day either. Have a spa party to celebrate a birthday, a wedding, or other special occasion.


Need additional Galentine’s Day suggestions? Go for a hike, do a wine tasting and have appetizers, make cookies, take a yoga class, do a vision board. Celebrate!

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