Five Reasons to Get Outside Daily

Getting outside in bad weather can be hard, but getting outside is important for your skin health as well as your overall health. Here are five reasons why it is important to get outside daily.

1.  To get a better night’s sleep. Sunshine helps regulate melatonin levels so that you sleep better at night.
2.  To reduce eye strain. Outside you can focus on distant objects to help prevent eye strain, especially from computer use.
3.  To connect with nature. Sometimes when I am inside I can forget what season it is. Get outside to feel the weather, hear the sounds of animals, look at the sky, and see the trees.
4.  To make vitamin D. Your skin is responsible for making vitamin D through a reaction that requires UV light. 15 minutes of sunshine a day will help your body make enough vitamin D to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, improve bone health and control some skin conditions such as psoriasis.
5.  To reduce blood pressure. When skin is exposed to sunshine a compound is produced that helps lower blood pressure.

Outdoor activities can have negative effects on the skin though. UV light and environmental pollutants can can cause oxidative damage to the skin. Skin can also become more dry and irritated with more time spent outdoors. But Colorado Aromatics products are formulated to help your skin stay healthy outdoors. Our products are rich in antioxidants and emollients to protect skin.

Keep your skin healthy after being outdoors with Springtide Gold face cream.

Does that make you want to get up and take a walk outside?

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