Farm to Skin

The farm to table movement has gotten alot of attention recently, but what about Farm to Skin? Many people are familiar with the benefits of farm to table; fresher food that travels less and retains its nutrients, increased sustainability, and the support of our small farms over industrialized farming. In the farm to table movement customers often get to know their farmer and develop a trust. I’d like to ask you if you know who makes your cosmetics or skin care products and if so, how important is that to you? Colorado Aromatics is at the forefront of the farm to skin movement also called farm to treatment table in the spa industry.

We grow herbs on our farm to use in our products. We distill these herbs to make water based distillates that are great to use directly on the skin for toning and hydration. We also extract herbs in various ways  to use in products. Why do we use herbs? Skin ages because of oxidation, inflammation and decreased cell turnover. Herbs can combat all of these by providing antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and increasing cell turnover. Herbs not only decrease the signs of aging but also help repair skin damaged from weather and environment. Our farm is Certified Naturally Grown. This is a grass roots alternative to the government organic certification but requires the same stringent standards.

As a scientist, we are not afraid to learn about the latest skin care ingredients and integrate those made by green chemistry into products, providing they are effective. We think this combination delivers the best skin care products with the least environmental imprint. We hope you do to.

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