5 Things About Colorado Aromatics

We thought we’d answer some of the common questions we get from customers to help you get to know us.
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What does the name Colorado Aromatics mean?

Many people think that we are an aromatherapy brand, but we are a skin care brand. The name originated because of the aromatic herbs that we grow on our farm. These include lavender, rose, clary sage, lemon balm, mint, fennel, sage and more. We distill some of these herbs to make the aromatic waters that make up our face and body mists. These are a signature product for us.

When distilling herbs, both an aromatic water and an aromatic oil (essential oil) are removed from the plant. The volume of essential oil obtained is typically quite low; an ounce or so, compared to the gallon of aromatic water obtained. This aromatic water, or distillate (hydrosol) is very skin friendly and perfect for a face/body mist.

We used the name (and location) of our farm then to brand our skin care line since it is a farm to skin brand. All of our products contain herbs grown on our farm. These herbs provide complex nutrients to the skin.

Do you do animal testing?

No, we do not do animal testing. It is not only cruel, but just unnecessary. All of our ingredients are well established as being safe. We have animal partners on the farm that help us; chickens that eat the bugs, and goats that help not only with the weeds, but with fertilizing our fields. The only animal derived ingredient we use is beeswax in our balms. There is no tallow in our soaps, they are all botanical oils. I’ve been a vegetarian most of my life and it’s interesting that many of our employees are also vegetarian. We all love and care for our animal friends.

What are your products best for?

I formulated our products to work in Colorado. In Colorado, we love the outdoors and most Coloradans spend time hiking, camping, gardening and doing outdoor activities. Even though I did not grow up in Colorado, our family spent a lot of time outdoors. As I noticed changes to my skin that are caused by sun, wind, and arid climate, I realized I needed a good skin care product to reverse and prevent those changes. As a biochemist, I was already knowledgeable of skin physiology and understood the biochemistry of ingredients. I realized that skin needs antioxidants and other nutrients to help revive and protect it from these environmental stresses. That is how Colorado Aromatics grew.
Antioxidants help prevent damage that can occur to proteins, DNA and other molecules found in skin.
Skin care for outdoor enthusiasts

Tell us about your sustainability practices

We care very much about sustainability and protecting our valuable resources. Our farm is in a beautiful area of Colorado and the mountains we view every day are a great reminder to tread lightly. Our farm is Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) which means we use no damaging pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. The requirements are the same as for organic, but CNG is a grass roots organization that is not part of the USDA. It is based more on farmers helping farmers.

Because we use herbs grown on our own farm, this cuts down on transportation costs and more. In our production, we use sustainable practices and produce in small batches producing very little waste. We bring our local brand to Boulder County Farmers Markets where we can talk directly to our consumers and support community.

We try to conserve natural resources by following the reduce, reuse, recycle principles. Many of the larger containers that we get ingredients in we can reused for camping, on the farm, or to give away to someone else who needs it.  We recycle when p possible and take these containers to the city recycling center weekly. Thankfully it is very close. Our bottles are made from recyclable plastics and we hope that you recycle them. Here is some information about reduce, reuse and recycle from the EPA.

You can learn more about how this fits into our core values here. Link to another blog.

Is Colorado Aromatics hand-made?

All of the work for Colorado Aromatics products is done by hand. From the farm work, to production, to packaging and labeling our products. Colorado Aromatics is hand-planted, hand-grown, hand-picked, hand-made, hand-bottled, hand-labeled. It’s hard work, but we pride ourselves in that and it allows us to continuously track quality so you know that what you get is a quality product.

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