Skin Care for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Skin care for outdoor enthusiastsWe offer high performance, natural skin care products made in Colorado. The Colorado climate and the outdoor lifestyle can have damaging effects on the skin. Our products combine the best of traditional herbal remedies with modern scientific discoveries that result in healthy, beautiful, vibrant skin care for outdoor enthusiasts.

Our customers are hard working, hard playing individuals. If you spend much of your time outdoors hiking, camping, skiing, gardening or farming, you’ll find that Colorado Aromatics is an important part of your gear and your lifestyle.

Our rich, earthy aromas are light, refreshing and rejuvenating. We use all natural, plant-based ingredients grounded in well-studied, fact-based science to create products that are safe for you and the environment, highly effective and provide the results you need and want. You can use green products without compromising quality.

We do not test our products on animals and do not use animal byproducts other than beeswax.

To emphasize our farm to skin approach, we are members of the Boulder County Farmers Markets. You can find us on Saturdays at both the Boulder and the Longmont Farmers Markets.

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About Founder and CEO Dr. Cindy Jones

Dr. Cindy Jones formulated Colorado Aromatics Skin Care Line for the outdoor lifestyle. Being a lover of hiking, gardening and now farming, she saw changes occurring in her skin due to the sun, the wind, and the arid Colorado climate. As a biochemist and herbalist, she had a good handle on the physiology of skin and what it needed as well as what herbs could contribute to the needs of the skin. As she studied various cosmetic ingredients for actives that were sustainable and safe for the environment she began formulating products that are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to help repair skin damaged from the environment.

Cindy Jones“Inflammation and oxidation of the skin cells are two key processes that accelerate the aging process,” says Cindy. “Herbs provide multiple and complex antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help to combat signs of aging and skin damage caused by wind, sun and other environmental factors that we are exposed to on a daily basis, especially for those who love the outdoors.”

Cindy is a leader in the farm-to-skin movement. Many of the herbs found in the Colorado Aromatics skincare line are grown on the Certified Naturally Grown farm operated by her and her husband at 5,000 feet elevation not far from Long’s Peak which summits over 14,000 feet. Plants grown at high elevation have to work harder to survive, and ultimately, produce more active components. Cindy extracts the herbs in a number of ways – including distillation, infusions, tinctures, and decoctions – to use in her cosmetics line. She believes that the natural beauty of the herbs and their surroundings shines through in the product and, ultimately, the end user.

Cindy Jones also owns Sagescript Institute and is a highly sought after product formulator and research and development consultant in the natural cosmetics industry. She brings a scientific perspective to the field of herbalism and natural skincare and has created a niche for herself in formulating natural cosmetics.

Dr. Jones is a biochemist and herb farmer with extensive experience in physiology, toxicology, microbiology, cancer research and cosmetic science. Cindy has also worked as a research scientist, a college instructor and is a published author. Dr. Jones is a highly sought after product development consultant to the natural cosmetic and skin care industry. Her passion for science and her love of herbs is the catalyst behind Colorado Aromatics skin care line.

You can find us during the summer at Boulder and Longmont farmers market as well as various stores in Longmont and Boulder. You can sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram to find out where to find our products.

Our Team

George Wahl

George is Cindy’s husband and helps out in many ways. You’ll find him on Saturdays at the Longmont Farmers Market.

Karen Kress

Karen is an esthetician with a varied background. She helps with administrative work and in the store. You can schedule a Colorado Facial with her.

Katie Cummins

Katie helps with administrative work and in the store. She is new to Colorado, so let her know what you love about our state.


Katy McHugh

Katy is a recent grad from the University of Colorado. She is interested in a career in Environmental Biology or Biochemistry. She helps in the lab, at farmer’s markets and with marketing.


We also have several people who help during the summer for farmers markets and on the farm.


Volunteers are an important part of any agriculture team and we invite you to volunteer if interested. We have several volunteers who join us on the farm for weeding, harvesting and processing herbs. Many of these volunteers are herb students while others just enjoy spending time outdoors helping to keep us Certified Naturally Grown. I have to say, our volunteers are some of the most interesting people I’ve met. If you are interested in being on our volunteer newsletter list you can sign up below. Note that this is different than our Colorado Aromatics or Sagescript Newsletters and is meant only for those wanting to volunteer on our farm. We also occasionally take herbal interns on the farm and business interns in the shop.  Thanks, Cindy

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