snow in ColoradoWe had a very long summer so perhaps it is not so much an early winter but the cold came fast. Our temperature drop in one day, or in a matter of hours, was more than 50 degrees! Now our temps are single digits and we are struggling to keep warm. We don’t usually see these low temperatures until January. Mary, my goat has nice warm fur and I was able to seal up some gaps in her barn. The chickens have lots of straw and a lamp for warmth. The dog and cat go out for very brief moments to do what they have to do and me and my family have warm cloths so there is no complaining.

We did our last farmers market of the season last Saturday and had a beautiful warm day in the 70’s, but there will be some farmers doing the market this Saturday in double digit temperatures in the snow.

We are preparing for several Holiday Markets coming up; the Arvada Center Holiday Market (Nov 28, 29) and the Boulder County Farmers Market Holiday Market (Dec 6, 7) as well as keeping the store stocked. We will be extending our hours at the store to be open Saturdays starting No 29 (Small Business Saturday) through Christmas.

But I am inside an warm and enjoying hot rose geranium tea. This is a wonderful floral tasting tea that I will soon make available to you.

How are you keeping warm this winter?