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Decollete Skin Care

Do you take care of your Decollete? Do you know what it is? Decollete is a French term given to the upper chest, neck, cleavage and shoulder areas. It is one of the first places on a woman to show age and so should be cared for in a similar way as we care for our faces.  If you spend much time outside, this area is often exposed to sun too but we tend to not pay so much attention to putting sunscreen here.  The Decollete is prone to hyperpigmentation and degradation of collagen that occurs due to exposure to UV light.


There are important physiological differences between the face and decollete.  Skin on the face contains more sebaceous or oil glands that help lubricate and protect skin moisture. The skin on the neck and chest is thinner and has less adipose tissue.  The dermis also quickly thins in the chest area. Together this means the chest is more prone to dry skin and ultimately results in a sagging, crepe – like appearance. Melanocyte activity also results in hyperpigmentation spots.  Erythema (redness) and telangiectasias are also common. Telangiectasias are dilated blood vessels or spider veins.  A common formation of wrinkles on the neck are those that occur in horizontal lines across the neck and are known as ‘necklace’ wrinkles.

Another condition found on the neck and chest is Poikiloderma of Civatte (PC). This refers to a combination of hyperpigmentation and dilated blood vessels that occur on the sides of the neck but avoids the front of the neck or throat area.  It causes a mottled appearance to the skin. This condition is related to sun exposure but also to cosmetics or perfumes that are worn in that area of the neck. It is also related to hormones and increases with menopause.

So how do we care for the decollete?

Be sure to apply your sunscreen to the neck and chest area as well as your face.

Remember to always moisturize your decollete area and massage the moisturizer into the skin.

Focus on ingredients in moisturizers that address firmness and elasticity – hyaluronic acid, palmitoyl tripeptide-5, vitamin A, vitamin C.

Focus on ingredients that address hyperpigmentation and redness – vitamin C, kojic acid, lactic acid (fruit extracts), green tea, algae, niacinamide. This may mean using a mask several times a week in this area as  you would on your face.

Products that we recommend for this area are Springtide Gold Face Cream, Razz Tightening Serum, Starbright Mask and Oasis Spray Lotion. Its not too late to care for your decollete! So go ahead and wear that great low cut dress and a necklace or earrings that draw attention! Realize your skin!

Kale Festival Face Mask

Kale has developed a well-deserved reputation as a ‘super food’.  All the things that make kale a great food to eat also make it great for your skin. Kale is known for its high concentration of vitamin A related compounds. It is also rich in Vitamin C, and K, and the minerals magnesium, copper and iron.


These nutrients make it a great vegetable to use as a facial mask to help reduce both wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. Some expensive skin care treatments boast kale as an ingredient to reduce inflammation, treat rosacea, remove spider veins, treat stretch marks and reduce bruising.  A popular skin care brand now has a kale serum that sells for $110. It claims to brighten and lighten sun-damaged skin, prevent inflammation, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Well, you can make your own Kale mask at home.


Kale Facial Mask

Chop about 1/2 cup of kale an put into your food processor/blender

Add 1 tablespoon olive oil.

Mix into a past consistency that can be smoothed onto the face.

Apply to your face and leave on for 10-15 minutes.

Wash off and apply moisturizer.

Another way to make this mask is to juice the kale and mix the juice with Colorado Aromatics Clay mask. This will give a nice consistency.

You can also apply this mask to other areas of the body where you might want to treat spider veins or stretch marks.

Like radishes, kale is also in the brassica family and so contains the detox component, indole-3- carbinol. So you can use it like radishes also. See our blog post on radishes here.

Try this and leave a note below about how you liked it (or didn’t).

Longmont Ace Hardware


An early picture of Colorado Aromatics products in Ace Hardware

I’m starting a new series writing about some of the stores that carry our products.  The Longmont Ace Hardware Store was one of the first stores to sell Colorado Aromatics products so we’ll write about them first as they have also been very nice people to work with. The store is locally owned and operated by the Gust Family.  According to Kirsten Pellicer, her parents started out with a very simple guiding philosophy: “Our Business is Customer Service.” They understand that they need the support of the community to survive and thrive, and that goes hand-in-hand with giving back to the community.  It’s a wonderful, full-circle concept that works well for all involved.

 The folks at Ace Hardware of Longmont support and contribute to a very wide variety of local causes and programs, including schools, Habitat for Humanity, Longmont Humane Society, as well as raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network. Besides finding Colorado Aromatics Skin Care products, you will also find all types of tools, hardware, house wares, paints, a great garden center and a post office. The store has recently expanded into a much larger space and of course expanded their offerings in doing so.  The store is close to where I live so I go there often, especially when I need just that right sized hardware for the current project.

Colorado Aromatics Joint Jam has sold well there – it is perhaps the handy man’s friend. But many customers go there for soap and Springtide Face cream too because they know they can find it there.

Thank You Ace.

Perfect Partners: Springtide Face Cream and Starbright Mask

Perfect Partners

By Bridget Hobart / Marketing Manager for Colorado Aromatics

Springtide Gold w Peptides

Springtide Gold w Peptides

I have been experimenting with various skin care products for as long as I can remember. Then when I moved from an extremely humid climate in Florida to dry (but much more beautiful) Colorado, my skin was in shock. It didn’t take long for me to discover Colorado Aromatics, and I am grateful I did. These products are truly designed for the extremely dry, windy and sunny Colorado climate. My skin is dry and oily at the same time. It sounds crazy but it’s true. Basically, I have oily skin during most of the year, except in the wintertime. I also struggle with hyperpigmentation. Especially in the summer months when our sun shines so brightly and even the other 300+ days a year our sun is out.

I am a triathlete and runner so I spend many days in the summer outside for hours. There are no other products out there that are more fitting for my skin than Colorado Aromatics. I wanted to share with you a combo of my 2 favorite products. So here they are… Perfect Partners: A combination of my 2 favorite products that work perfectly for my skin. These 2 products used together make my skin feel more soft, clear and youthful all at once. -Starbright Brightening Mask -Springtide Botanical Anti-aging Cream.

Starbright Brightening Mask

Starbright Brightening Mask

Do your own facial with these 2 amazing products! Here is why I love them… The Brightening Mask is hydrating for my skin and has a lot of nutrients and minerals. It contains these alpha hydroxy acids from fruit for a mild exfoliation and it also contains ingredients for helping with my hyperpigmentation. I follow this with using the Anti-aging cream which is formulated specifically for reducing the lines around my eyes and on my forehead. This very emollient cream has Vitamin C, alpha-lipoic acid, green tea extract, rosemary and other beautiful botanicals. I love this face cream and notice a difference in the smoothness and texture of my skin since using it. So partner away everyone and see what combo of products works for your skin. I highly recommend trying my Perfect Partners first!

Tell us about a duo you use.