This is a guest post by an employee at Colorado Aromatics, Hayley Fisher.


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Herbs have been placed under pillows since time immemorial to help promote relaxation and deep sleep. Historical accounts of herbal dream pillows report their use for warding off evil spirits, preventing bad dreams, and bringing visions of the future. Modern herbalists prescribe dream pillows to induce comfortable, peaceful sleep and to bring vivid, imaginative dreams. The herbs chosen to fill dream pillows will yield different results for the sleeper. Insomnia has traditionally been treated with lavender and hops under or near the pillow. Current research supports this practice; hops has been shown to have a soporific and mildly narcotic effect, while lavender decreases autonomic arousal, leading to lowered blood pressure and heart rate.  Chamomile is another traditional ingredient. Chamomile has long been revered for its calming effects; it is potent, yet mild enough for children. Artemesia is an herb of many uses and has often been linked to dreaming. It is included in dream pillows to promote vivid dreams and dream recollection.  Lemon balm helps relieve nervous tension and helps one to relax as does lavender.

Colorado Aromatics’ dream pillows are hand crafted with Lemon Balm, Lavender, Hops, Chamomile, and Artemesia for their long established benefits to sleepers. All of the herbs used are grown on our herb farm in beautiful Longmont, Colorado. Here we tend the herbs all through the long, hot summer. Then, the herbs are harvested by hand and dried on site. Once dry, they are blended in small batches, placed into sachets and packaged for sale. Each dream pillow is a potent ally for anyone who struggles with insomnia, bad dreams and poor sleep in general.


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