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Rocky Mountain Gift Show

We have been preparing for the Rocky Mountain Gift Show for months and its finally here this weekend. We’ve worked on our display, we’ve had beautiful brochures printed, worked on wholesale sheets and price lists and more. Here are some pictures taken while setting up. There are a few seminars here I might go to one or two. It snowed quite a bit last night so I hope it doesn’t keep anyone away.

I’ve got some help for the show, especially the times I think will be busiest. Now let the show begin!

Rocky Mountain Gift Show


This is the entry into the Gift Show.


Our empty booth before setup.

Gift Show Colorado Aromatics


Our finished booth (before we cleaned up the floor and debris.

Gift Show Cindy Jones Laura LeeWe are ready to go. Here is myself along with makeup artist Laura Lee.


Longmont Ace Hardware


An early picture of Colorado Aromatics products in Ace Hardware

I’m starting a new series writing about some of the stores that carry our products.  The Longmont Ace Hardware Store was one of the first stores to sell Colorado Aromatics products so we’ll write about them first as they have also been very nice people to work with. The store is locally owned and operated by the Gust Family.  According to Kirsten Pellicer, her parents started out with a very simple guiding philosophy: “Our Business is Customer Service.” They understand that they need the support of the community to survive and thrive, and that goes hand-in-hand with giving back to the community.  It’s a wonderful, full-circle concept that works well for all involved.

 The folks at Ace Hardware of Longmont support and contribute to a very wide variety of local causes and programs, including schools, Habitat for Humanity, Longmont Humane Society, as well as raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network. Besides finding Colorado Aromatics Skin Care products, you will also find all types of tools, hardware, house wares, paints, a great garden center and a post office. The store has recently expanded into a much larger space and of course expanded their offerings in doing so.  The store is close to where I live so I go there often, especially when I need just that right sized hardware for the current project.

Colorado Aromatics Joint Jam has sold well there – it is perhaps the handy man’s friend. But many customers go there for soap and Springtide Face cream too because they know they can find it there.

Thank You Ace.

Your Farmers Market

We love participating in our local Farmers Market; Boulder County which includes the Boulder and Longmont Markets. It has been a great way to get our product out there for people to try, know and love, but we also like supporting the farmers markets for many other reasons.  Markets help preserve open space which keeps metropolitan areas separate. They also support family farms, small businesses and the local economy. Even if the food you buy at the farmers market is not 100% organic, the amount of pesticide and herbicide used on it is most likely far less than that used by corporate farms. Buying at the farmers market is good for the environment because food is less packaged and travels less. Farmers markets are an educational experience. You are sure to learn of new vegetables and find new recipes at the market. Farmers love talking about their products and educating their customers. Our market has chefs whip up dishes using seasonal foods. We also have community groups at the markets talking about their services and needs.

Many markets have farm artisans that make value added products. This is where we fit in. We use herbs grown on our farm to make Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care products. We love talking to customers about the importance of agriculture in non food areas, especially the farm to skin movement. Kids love farmers markets too. Its fun to give a child $5.00 to spend and see what they end up with, you may be surprised.

Markets are also about building community. As you stroll the market you are seeing your neighbors, meeting local business people, hearing local musicians and eating from local food vendors. Every farmers market is unique to its own town and should be supported by the community. As I travel I love visiting markets as a way to get to know the area. What do you love about your farmers market?

Farmers Market Opening Day 2013

Mrs. McKee and Cindy Jones in front of Colorado Aromatics booth

Our first day at the farmers market Saturday was a beautiful day in the high 50’s; starting sunny but getting a little cloudy and chilly as the day went progressed. We saw old friends and made new friends. There were a lot of people considering it was opening day. We’ve got new market managers this year which hopefully leads to positive changes. Our spot is on the north side, pretty close to the main market booth. Haystack Goat Cheese is next to us. I love their Buttercup Cheese. Juggler, Simon Quince, provided entertainment to market goers along with Denny Driscoll providing music.

We were happy to greet many of our regular customers who were in desperate need of products after the long winter. In the picture above you can see me with one of my favorite customers, Mrs. McKee. She likes using the rosewater spritzer we distill and came by early to pick some up.  We also met many new people who were not familiar with our products and were able to introduce them to our farm to skin products. All of our products, by the way, contain herbs that we grow on our farm making them very rich in antioxidants and nutrients. That is what allows us to be members of the Boulder County Farmers Market. They are not just hand crafted products, they are farm made products. We grow probably 30 different herbs that we use; calendula and lavender being the biggest. We love educating market goers that farms are important for so much more than food. We sold lots of soap yesterday, customers tend to like to stock up on that and we introduced our new Sandalwood soap too. Besides soap our biggest sellers were Mountain Mist Hand and Body Lotion and Botanical Oat Cleanser.

We came home with spicy greens mix from Aspen Moon Farm and a spinach mix from Frog Belly Farms. These will be the basis for a great dinner today. After returning home to put product away we had time to go to local brew pub, Bootstrap, to hear the Sharon N Grant Duo perform. We had a light dinner there provided by Niwot Market. All in all I’d say it was a great Farmers Market opening day. Next week we will do both the Longmont Market and the Boulder Market so if you are local, come and visit us at one of them. I’ll be busy all week making sure we have enough product for your needs!