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Why Should I Use an Oil Cleanser?

Great question.   Although opposites may attract in most cases, this is not one of them.  Oil will actually attract oil.

What does this mean?  Ingredients like Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil used in our oil cleanser will attract the oil and junk on your skin and break it down for removal from your face, without stripping the skin. Herbs help contribute antioxidants and cleansing activity. You can use our Yarrow oil cleanser alone or use a two step cleansing method and follow with our Meadow Mist milky cleanser.

Really?  Really.

Yarrow Video


Movember Foundation Fundraiser

Most of us are familiar now with the Movember Foundation that supports Prostate and Testicular Cancers. They are well known for their No Shave November where they urge men not to shave for the month of November to draw attention to men’s health issues, including mental health. Their goal is to “change the face of men’s health.” You can learn more about the Foundation and learn about mustache care at their website.


According to The American Cancer Society prostate cancer is the most common cancer in American men after skin cancer.

Colorado Aromatics shares similar values with Movember in cancer prevention and education. For this reason we want to help raise money for Movember Foundation. During the month of November we will donate $2.00 for every bottle of Red Rocks Beard Oil that we sell. We think this is a great product for men growing a beard. It not only helps soften and condition the beard, but helps care for the skin under the beard as well. If you or someone you know is growing a beard for Movember check it out. You can also donate to Movember on our MoSpace  or in our store.  Let’s do it for our Fathers, our Sons, our Brothers, our Husbands and our friends.

You can buy Red Rocks Beard Oil here. You’ll love the masculine vetiver/petitgrain scent.

Enjoy the Harvest Facial Mask

One way to enjoy the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables at this time of year is to use overripe produce in a facial mask. Just about any type of fruit or vegetable can be used and they are all packed with goodness for the skin including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

Here are three fruits/vegetables easily found at farmers market this time of year that you can try:


Watermelon contains vitamin C, vitamin A and pantothenic acid among other nutrients. Eating watermelon is a great way to get those skin benefits, but you can also make a face mask and apply the watermelon directly to the skin.

Peaches are rich sources of alpha hydroxy acids for exfoliation, vitamin A related compounds that include beta carotene, zeaxanthin, lycopene and lutein to support skin cell regeneration and vitamin C to support collagen in the skin giving it more structure and reduce wrinkles as well as to help fade sun spots.  Peaches also contain vitamin K to help fade dark circles under the eyes and vitamin B to help skin maintain moisture and decrease redness.

Even that zucchini that you can’t seem to get rid of is high in vitamin C, vitamin B-6, vitamin K, vitamin A, copper and magnesium – all good nutrients for skin.  Zucchini also contains anti-inflammatory polysaccharides like homogalacturonan to sooth skin.

When choosing produce for a facial you can use overripe and bruised produce, save the very best for snacking.

To make a facial from your produce, cut a piece about 1/2 the size of your palm. How much you need is really dependent upon how juicy the fruit is. Place this in a small blender and add about a teaspoon of facial clay. Mix well. Check to see if the consistency is good for spreading. If not ajust accordingly. If it is good, apply to the face in smooth strokes. Sit back for 10 minutes or so and enjoy a fruit snack! Rinse off with warm water and enjoy how smooth your skin feels.

You can get your herbal clay mask base here.

Herbal Clay Mask

For more information about using farmers market produce on your skin see these posts

Peach Facial

Kale Facial Mask

Radish Vinegar Hair Rinse or Foot Soak


New Product: Allure Lip Conditioner

Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care, releases its new Allure Lip Conditioner (anti-aging Lip Balm) formulated to help your lips look their best despite your love of being outside.


Coloradans who love to play at high altitude realize that their lips show early signs of aging. High altitude and severe weather often seen in Colorado can make lips dryer and more easily chapped and damaged. Allure lip conditioner is intended to help condition and plump lips, especially for people who love to be outdoors.

Allure Anti-Aging Lip Balm has antioxidant rich herbs including lavender, geranium, horsetail and violet to repair sun and wind damaged lips. We also use ingredients to support collagen production and to plump the lips.  Emollient oils, including Cupuacu butter, soften and protect the skin while improving elasticity. Keep your lips looking younger with Allure Lip Conditioner from Colorado Aromatics. We recommend using Allure Lip Conditioner twice daily. This product is also suitable for use by estheticians as part of a Colorado facial.

These products are formulated by Dr. Cindy Jones who brings a scientific perspective to the field of herbalism and natural products formulating. Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care products are formulated for the outdoor lifestyle that Coloradans love. Women and men who love being outside hiking, gardening, biking and more now have a highly effective skin care line made from all natural ingredients.

You can buy Allure Lip Conditioner here. You can order Allure online or buy it in our store. Unfortunately, we will not have it at the Farmers Markets because of its softer texture. But you can still buy our lip balm tubes and Herbal Relief Lip Balm at the Market.

Allure Lip Conditioner



The Colorado Facial

We had our esthetician, Laura Lee, develop this facial using Colorado Aromatics products.  All of us here at Colorado Aromatics received the facial and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Colorado Facial


After a Colorado Facial



What you will need:  
3-4 warm, wet, washcloths Your choice of 7 Herbal Hydrosols
Yarrow Makeup Remover and Oil Cleanser Meadow Mist Exfoliating Cleanser
Starbright Brightening Face Mask Razz Tightening Serum
Parsley Eye and Face Serum Springtide Gold Face Cream
Mountain Mist Hand and Body Lotion  Herbal Relief or Allure Lip Balm

1. Begin by massaging a large pea size of Yarrow Makeup Remover & Oil Cleanser onto dry skin, covering all of the face. Using a warm, wet cloth remove the cleanser from the skin. Skin impurities and makeup will be attracted to the oil and will easily glide off skin.

2. Spray the skin with chosen hydrosol until damp, then apply Meadow Mist Facial Cleanser in a circular motion. This cleanser will provide mild exfoliation with jojoba beads and cleanse the skin more deeply, removing any lingering impurities. Remove with a warm, wet cloth.

3. Next, apply the Starbright Brightening Mask to the skin and let sit 10-15 minutes. This mask will provide mild exfoliation, hydration and will brighten hyper-pigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation ingredients may irritate sensitive skin. If this happens remove the mask immediately and spritz with a hydrosol. Otherwise, remove after 10-15 minutes with a warm, wet cloth.

4. During the mask time, give a hand and arm massage using Mountain Mist Hand and Body Lotion (citrus or lavender).

5. Spray the skin with a hydrosol, then apply Razz Tightening Serum to the face. The hydrosol will restore skin pH and provide antioxidants. This serum will lift & tighten the skin and reduce puffiness. Continue to lightly massage into face in a circular motion until the serum has been fully received by the skin.

6. Again spray the skin with a hydrosol, followed by an application of 4-5 drops of Parsley Eye and Face Serum. This serum, packed with Vitamins A & K and organic Macadamia nut oil, will reduce fine lines and dark circles as it replenishes the skin. Use this oil to give a facial massage with this tremendously nourishing and luxurious oil.

7. As a final moisturizing step, use Springtide Gold Face Cream (after spritzing with a hydrosol, of course!). This exceptionally hydrating cream will boost collagen production and fuel skin rejuvenation with an extra boost of anti-oxidants.

8. Finally, apply Herbal Relief Lip Balm or Allure Lip Balm to the lips. The conditioning oils in both are rich in phytosterols, carotenoids and vitamin E. Herbal Relief contains lemon balm extract to reduce the incidence of cold sores and prunella to soften lips. Allure contains collagen promoting ingredients to plump lips.

Perfect Makeup Application

How To Prep Your Skin For A Perfect Makeup Application
I am so excited to have makeup artist Laura Lee working here at Colorado Aromatics. She brings in so many new ideas. She is also studying to be an esthetician. Here is her take on prepping the skin for a perfect makeup application:
by Laura Lee
Face Care

For a perfect makeup application it is important to start with a clean canvas. Keep in mind that not all facial cleansers are also makeup removers. Yesterday’s makeup can sometimes still be there without you realizing it.  Test your cleanser to see if it is really removing your makeup by wiping a cotton ball with witch hazel or toner over cleansed skin.  Check the cotton ball to see if there is any makeup residue.


I love the Colorado Aromatic’s Yarrow Oil Cleanser because it breaks down makeup and oil, leaving the skin feeling nicely balanced.
Next, I like to spray the face with a Colorado Aromatics Hydrosol, Face Mister (your choice of scent) and immediately follow with the Razz Tightening Serum (Razz).  This serum is especially great around the eyes and lips.  It is lightweight and sinks into the skin right away, allowing you to easily apply makeup around the eye area.  If you struggle with eye makeup traveling down your face during the day, the culprit could be too much emollient eye creams.
Dehydrated skin doesn’t wear makeup well.  If the skin has already soaked up the Hydrosol, I will spray again and apply the moisturizer on top.  I massage both into the skin making sure I am covering the entire face.  If you have dry patches lightly pat an extra layer on top.  If you are feeling especially oily in certain areas, leave them for last and lightly pat whatever moisturizer is left on your fingers onto the oily areas. The Springtide Anti-Aging Face Cream is great because it softens and protects your skin.
I like to start on makeup immediately after the skin is prepped.  Especially for dehydrated or drier skin, it helps to start blending the foundation into the skin while the skin is still tacky from prepping.  Take your time working the foundation into the skin.  It should buff into your skin as opposed to sitting on top or just layering over moisturizer.
If you prefer less coverage and more moisture you can easily make your perfect tinted moisturizer.  I love mixing the Oasis Spray Lotion with a little liquid or creme foundation on the back of my hand.  It will sheer out the foundation and add extra moisture.
After I am done applying the makeup, I will set with one more spritz of the hydrosol.  It helps seal everything into the skin and can also be very helpful in making it look more like skin and less like makeup.  Take time to breathe deep and enjoy the benefits of the hydrosol as you spray.  You’re ready to go!
Laura Lee Makeup Artist

Spring Cleaning Contest

If you are like us, spring is a time when we can’t wait to get outside and start digging in the dirt, and go hiking and biking. We love outdoor the activities but also want to wash off the sweat and make our skin glow.

Using the power of herbs and science, we want you to be clean, active, and confident so we are having a Spring Cleaning giveaway. Afterall, you need healthy, radiant skin to live a healthy, radiant, outdoor life. How would you like to win a salt scrub, a small face cleanser, a body wash as well as a Colorado Aromatics cap to keep the sun off that beautiful face!

Here is what you need to do to enter the contest. Follow us on at least one social media platform;

Instagram @Coloradoaromatics,

Facebook /Colormatics

Pinterest @ColoradoAromatics

On at least one social media platform, tell us what you love about your favorite Colorado Aromatics product and post a picture of you either using the product or enjoying the outdoors. Tag us and use the hashtag #COAromatics and/or #powerofherbs.  Doing so gives us permission to use your picture in our promotions but more importantly you will be entered into a contest to win our Spring Cleaning package pictured below.

Spring Cleaning Prize

Who knows, if we are feeling Spring Fever, we may add a few runner up prizes as well.

In Summary – To be eligible for the Spring Cleaning Give-away:

  1. Be sure you are following us on at least on social media platform.
  2. Post a picture of you and a statement about what you love about Colorado Aromatics.
  3. Tag Colorado Aromatics in your post. Use hashtag #COAromatics #powerofherbs
  4. Get your entry posted before April 20, 2015.

Contest ends April 20 and we will pick the winner by April 22.

We look forward to hearing from you and sending our Spring Cleaning Gift to a lucky customer.

Herbal Extracts

I have people ask me that since our products contain herbs, do we still make them in the winter when it is not growing season. The answer is ‘YES’, we make products regularly so they are fresh, and we do it by making herbal extracts. The process is that during the summer we grow and harvest our herbs on our Certified Naturally  Grown Farm. Most of them get dried on racks in our ‘herb hut’, however, some of them, such as lavender, get distilled fresh to use as our facial hydrators or toners as well as to use in our products. We store them on our farm in the dried form and make extracts from them. Here you see calendula and chamomile on our shelf. Calendula is by far the herb we use the most of in our products. You can read more about the benefits of calendula here. We store the herbs roughly alphabetically.

calendula and chamomile


The extracts can be extracted in oil, alcohol or water depending upon the product. You can read more about the science of herb extracts here. We then store these extracts in our lab in jars for use in our products.  It is these herb extracts that go into the products, except of course for our dried herb blends that are used for bath teas and dream pillows. All winter long we are making products that use these herb extracts in them and we make new extracts as needed.  Here you see some of the oil extracts on our shelf.

Herb Oils


Using herbs grown on our farm is part of our ‘Farm to Skin’ philosophy that means we oversee the process from the time the seed is planted until the final product goes in the jar. You know you are getting a quality product when you purchase Colorado Aromatics.

Rocky Mountain Gift Show

We have been preparing for the Rocky Mountain Gift Show for months and its finally here this weekend. We’ve worked on our display, we’ve had beautiful brochures printed, worked on wholesale sheets and price lists and more. Here are some pictures taken while setting up. There are a few seminars here I might go to one or two. It snowed quite a bit last night so I hope it doesn’t keep anyone away.

I’ve got some help for the show, especially the times I think will be busiest. Now let the show begin!

Rocky Mountain Gift Show


This is the entry into the Gift Show.


Our empty booth before setup.

Gift Show Colorado Aromatics


Our finished booth (before we cleaned up the floor and debris.

Gift Show Cindy Jones Laura LeeWe are ready to go. Here is myself along with makeup artist Laura Lee.


Clear Creek Hand and Body Wash

Clear Creek Hand and Body Wash – The Cleanser You’ve Been Waiting For!

You asked and we delivered.
This coconut oil based surfactant will sooth all skin types.Dry, sensitive skin? Look no further. Comfrey, horsetail, mallow, mint and rose petal extracts help to moisturize and the skin while providing antioxidants.

Relax and refresh with scents of lavender and citrus!
Clear Creek Cleanser will gently lift dirt and sweat from your skin, leaving you with fresh, soft skin.

Need a little more?
Exfoliate with a washcloth or pouf to help remove dead skin cells and leave the skin cleaner.

Tip: Keep one bottle at your sink for hand washing and another in your shower for a body wash.

Get yours HERE!Hand and Body Cleanser

To Use: Pump a small amount of cleanser and rub over the skin. You may notice fewer suds than with other soaps you’ve used. Why?
In our Clear Creek Cleanser you won’t find any sulfate based surfactants looking to dry your skin!
Rinse with warm water and pat your skin dry. You’ll be left with soft, smooth, fragrant skin.

Follow Up with Mountain Mist Hand and Body Lotion (also in lavender and citrus) or one of our botanical body oils to lock in that moisture and prevent dehydration!