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Lavender Farm Dinner

We’ve wanted to have a Farm to Table Dinner on our farm for some time and it finally came to fruition last Friday. What a joy it was. I enjoyed showing guests around the farm, talking about lavender and other herbs, as well as dining on the delicious food.

We partnered with Chef Grant Buchanan of GB Culinary to do the dinner. Grant has much experience doing farm to table events and he sourced the ingredients from local farms (including ours). They brought a crew of about 5 people and handled all the details.

We spent a good deal of time pulling weeds in the area where the dinner was held, so it looked great. The timing with lavender bloom was perfect and diners sat beside one of our lavender fields just as it was beginning to bloom.

Guests mingled and walked around the farm as appetizers were served. As is typical for a farm to table dinner, many guests brought their own bottle of wine, but there was also strawberry lavender lemonade and lemon balm water to drink.

Herbs from the farm decorated the table centers and tables were arranged next to one of our lavender fields. The culinary crew came late afternoon to set up. They had an area to the side with their truck where they set out tables as a staging area for food prep.


Almost on cue the sun set behind the mountains as guests finished eating.

Sharing our farm  (and our view) with people, helping them understand what we mean by Farm to Skin and seeing the variety of herbs we grow besides lavender is important to us. Farm dinners are a good way to do this. Other ways we do this is with  farm tours, having  volunteers work on the farm, having the herb school students do a day on the farm as part of their coursework and participating in local art events.

Here is the menu from the dinner planned:

Passed Hors d’oeuvres:
Peachtree Farms Pork, Pimento Cheese, Potato Chip
Buttermilk Biscuits, Haystack Goat Cheese, Pickled Blackberries, Basil
Blue Corn Pancakes, Fried Pastured Chicken, Sorghum, Red Scallions
Ollin Farms Skyphos Head Lettuce, Fresh Herbs, Shaved Apple, Strawberry, Quinoa, Cucumber, Pistachio, & Basil Vinaigrette
La Dolce Vita Family Farms Lamb: Wood Fired Lamb Cuts, Hyssop, Cherry Balsamic BBQ
 Ollin Farms Sugar Snax Carrots, Tarragon Carrot Top Pesto
Grilled Baby Bok Choy, Roasted Potatoes, Fennel, Bee Balm Oil
Pistachio Cornmeal Cake, Sour Cherries, Lavender Cream
Non-Alcoholic Beverages:
Strawberry Lavender Lemonade
Lemon Balm Water


 Grant is flexible about dietary needs too and prepared a separate vegetarian dish with zucchini and peas that was delicious.  Most guests were local but there were quite a few who drove from Denver for the event.

Our goats also enjoyed the extra attention. Have you ever been to a similar event? What was it like?


Beer in the Spa

I love a pint of  a good American IPA and find that it does help relax me and brings me stress relief. Hops have been known for years by herbalists to be a nervine herb that supports the nervous system.  It has pain relieving properties, is sedative and promotes sleep.

In fact, we grow hops on our farm and use them in our dream pillows to help promote sleep. Hops are also very useful for skin care because they decrease inflammation and promote skin hydration. The phytoestrogens in hops help reduce wrinkles and improve collagen.

Beer Spa

Some skin care professionals have taken note of these, both in Europe and the US. We do use hops in several of our products including Coolness Aftershave and Red Rocks Beard Oil, but some spas also use beer in treatments. I find this so intriguing and appealing that I am going to give a presentation on Beer in the Spa next month at one of our local micro breweries, 300 Suns. Can you imagine sitting in a tub filled with beer as you pour yourself a pint from the spout? Ahhh. Ok, maybe that is a figment of my imagination, but please, let me have my fantasy. Here’s the details on the talk that you are going to want to attend!

For a mere $15 you can attend the presentation, have a pint of your choice and give yourself a beer facial mask!

This happens on Wednesday April 13 from 6:30-7:30 pm at 300 Suns,  335 First Avenue (they are practically our neighbors), Longmont.  You can purchase your tickets here. No time for dinner? Did you know 300 Suns now serves food?

We’ll see you there!

I’ve previously written about hops here.

Aromatherapy for Women Seminar

We will be hosting some seminars/classes in our store. The first class will be Aromatherapy for Women by Linda Byington on August 26 (Wed) at 6:00 pm.


Linda is a Registered Aromatherapist and will be addressing:

essential oils that help balance hormones in PMS or Menopause

aromatherapy for ailments such as bladder infections or candida

recipe blends for cellulite, insomnia and more

Learn how to transform hormones and stress into harmony and balance. This class will explore methods for using essential oils and recipes to try at home. The cost is $22. You can register and prepay at 303-651 – 2062.

Class will be at Colorado Aromatics store, 340 Lashley Street, #220, Longmont CO.

Let us know if there is something you are particularly interested in learning.




August Farm Tour

Have you always wanted to visit a small herb farm? Do you want to learn more about growing herbs and their uses? Do you want to see where the Colorado Aromatics herbs are grown? Now you can. August 28, 2015 we will host a small tour on our farm. We’d love to invite any area estheticians, any of our local customers or would be customers, as well as anyone interested in herbs. You’ll get a good look at where we grow the herbs to use in the Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care line.

Farm Tour August 28

We are nearing the end of our growing season so the work load is less, but we always welcome volunteers on the farm. In fact, during this tour, feel free to pull up a weed or two, just make sure you ask as many things that other people consider weeds, we consider herbs. Plantain for instance is one of our favorite herbs. But we have plenty of easily identifiable grass, stickers and bindweed to pull.

We will hold the tour rain or shine (or frost) so dress accordingly – we are farmers after all, and wear sturdy shoes. Its a good idea to bring a water bottle too.

We do not have products available for purchase on the farm but we invite you to visit our store at the corner of 3rd and Lashley (340 Lashley, unit 220), an 8 minute drive from the farm, to purchase products. Our esthetician will be at the store immediately following the tour in case you have questions about how to use the products.

Meet on the farm on Aug 28 at 10:00. Park on the concrete drive in front of the garage, or on the grass, off the gravel drive on the north side. Walk down the gravel drive on the north side of the house and meet in front of the outbuilding with the purple door.  Who knows, this may be the first ‘annual’ farm tour. Email us for more information and the address; info @