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2015 Business Accomplishments

As an entrepreneur sometimes it feels like a constant race. When I look at what we’ve done in a single day or even week it sometimes seems insignificant, but looking at an entire year its easy to see the accomplishments, the growth and feel grateful for what we’ve done as a team.


Here are some of our accomplishments:

We introduced several new products this year. These are:

Clear Creek Hand and Body Wash in Lavender or Citrus Scent to match our Mountain Mist Hand and Body Lotion.

Yarrow Oil Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover, unscented.

Red Rocks Beard Oil Vetiver scent

Allure Lip Conditioner unscented.

Our products were mentioned over 30 times online in reviews.

We participated in weekly farmers markets in Longmont and biweekly farmers markets in Boulder as well as the Boulder County Farmers Market Winter Market which is the Holiday show. This is something we hope to continue doing next year.  We participated in several other shows including the Rocky Mountain Gift Show, The American Herbalist Conference, The Boulder County Facial Hair Group, the Junior League of Colorado Holiday Market, the Lavender Festival by the Lavender Association of Western Colorado and the National Aesthetic Spa Network (NASN) Colorado Event.

Colorado Aromatics farm was one of the local farms featured in the Firehouse Art Gallery’s Farm to Gallery Event. For this event we were paired with 3 artists; 2 painters (Sara Brown and Sarah Hanson) and one poet (Jack Greene) who all produced incredible art that was shown at the gallery. This culminated in a fundraiser for the gallery.

In late summer we had our first farm tour  and will do more in the next growing season.

We participated in Runner Box as a promotional.

We donated money the American Institute for Cancer Research for Giving Tuesday. Earlier in the year we participated in fund raising for a Boston Marathon Runner as we also contributed to several local charities, churches and schools.

I (Cindy Jonnes) was featured by Indie Business in Makers on Main Street  as well as a Q & A Coaching Call with Christine Laureano.  I participated in our local Start Up Longmont Week by being part of a panel of women entrepreneurs. Sagescript Institute and Colorado Aromatics were nominated for a Cornerstone award by the Longmont Area Economic Council. I gave a local talk on winter skin care and was part of the Cut The Pill Telesummit with Toni Crabtree.  I was also interviewed several times and quoted in various publications regarding skin care.

I wrote what seems like endless blogs whose links go up on Twitter and Facebook. Besides this blog I write at Sagescript. This was the first blog  that I started in 2007 where I write more about farming, herbs, business and personal accounts. We also started using Instagram regularly this year which has been fun. You can follow us there at Coloradoaromatics.

The other half of our business, Sagescript Institute, where we do consulting, educating and formulating for small cosmetics businesses has also grown. We’ve gained new clients and our current clients have grown.

Our sales have increased, including online, in store, wholesale and farmers markets. Feeling more comfortable financially, we have also invested more towards the end of the year in advertising. Let us know if you see an ad somewhere! We have some amazing customers who drive far to get our products and who are relentless about telling their friends and giving our products as gifts. If you are one of our customers, Thank You.  If you are not one of our customers, its not too late.

Colorado Aromatics

Now its off to plan the next great year.

Day vs. Night Moisturizers

What makes a good moisturizer and do you need a separate day and night moisturizer?

The function of a good moisturizer should be to hydrate the skin and protect the skin barrier function.  One of the most important ingredients of a moisturizer is water; only water can hydrate. A moisturizer needs should be a good balance between water to hydrate and oils and other ingredients to help prevent water loss from the skin.

face care

Oils are great for softening skin, preventing water loss from the skin and providing the skin with fatty acids. Vegetable oils are best as they are far more nutrient dense than mineral oil.  We use a blend so that there are many different fatty acids. Humectants are also an important ingredient in a moisturizer to help hold water. Good humectants include be glycerin, hyaluronic acid, herb extracts, proteins, sorbitol, or algae extract. There is a wide range of humectants that benefit skin.

A good moisturizer should also contain antioxidants because they can help repair skin damage. There are many antioxidants, but some that we like to use include vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid, green tea, vitamin E, and a variety of herb extracts.

There are no absolute differences between a day cream and a night cream so you really don’t need two different moisturizers for day and night.

An important thing to note though is that a day cream should not contain ingredients that might cause photosensitivity or make the skin more sensitive to sun damage. These include alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid), and retinoids (retinyl acetate, retinol).

Texture is also a big difference. Night creams tend to contain heavier emollients and be oilier than a day cream. A day cream should be light enough and soak in well enough that you can apply makeup immediately after using. But this also is a matter of preference as well as climate. In a drier climate you may want a heavier cream during the day as well as night. Some day creams will also contain a sunscreen ingredient. If yours does not you may want to consider applying a sunscreen on top of your day cream or wear a hat.

Many companies will formulate a night cream to be more of a repair product containing actives to repair and rejuvenate skin. Skin is always undergoing repair processes though so these ingredients are just as beneficial in a day cream.  Colorado Aromatics Springtide Face Cream has humectants, antioxidants and repair ingredients that might be found in a night cream but has a nice light feel for day.