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Our Core Values

We’ve given alot of thought to our core values here at Colorado Aromatics and  decided it was time to put them to paper. These are the things that are important to us and guide our business.

Colorado Aromatics Farm view


Having a deep knowledge of what we do is important. There are many ‘myths’ and misunderstandings in the skin care industry. Cindy has a background as a college instructor and strives to educate both her customer and her colleagues about the science behind skin care. Cindy also puts aside time each week to educate herself on issues relating to skin care and ingredients so that she can stay innovative and create better, more functional products.


Being a part of a community and contributing to it is important. Colorado Aromatics participates in the Longmont Farmers Market and supports other local groups. We also belong to larger business groups that we play a role in through education. We maintain strong relationships with other owners of skin care companies and other herbalists. And within our company we build community with each other.

Health and empowerment

Health is our most important asset and without health it is difficult to pursue many joys in life. Our products help promote healthy skin and we encourage a healthy lifestyle through being active and healthy eating.


We live in a beautiful spot in Colorado and it’s beauty impacts our products. We want to make sure that these beautiful places remain for our children. We use natural/organic practices on our herb farm which is Certified Naturally Grown. Using herbs as an active ingredient is a renewable practice with minimal impact. We use minimal packaging that is recyclable. We pay attention that our ingredients are made from renewable resources and are biodegradable as well.


To create natural skin care products based on the healing properties of herbs and green science. We cater to those who love the outdoors and also want a more sustainable lifestyle. Our affordable products can help revive skin that has suffered at the hands of exposure to weather and outdoors.

Here’s a link to information to help you write your core values.

Aromatherapy for Women Seminar

We will be hosting some seminars/classes in our store. The first class will be Aromatherapy for Women by Linda Byington on August 26 (Wed) at 6:00 pm.


Linda is a Registered Aromatherapist and will be addressing:

essential oils that help balance hormones in PMS or Menopause

aromatherapy for ailments such as bladder infections or candida

recipe blends for cellulite, insomnia and more

Learn how to transform hormones and stress into harmony and balance. This class will explore methods for using essential oils and recipes to try at home. The cost is $22. You can register and prepay at 303-651 – 2062.

Class will be at Colorado Aromatics store, 340 Lashley Street, #220, Longmont CO.

Let us know if there is something you are particularly interested in learning.




August Farm Tour

Have you always wanted to visit a small herb farm? Do you want to learn more about growing herbs and their uses? Do you want to see where the Colorado Aromatics herbs are grown? Now you can. August 28, 2015 we will host a small tour on our farm. We’d love to invite any area estheticians, any of our local customers or would be customers, as well as anyone interested in herbs. You’ll get a good look at where we grow the herbs to use in the Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care line.

Farm Tour August 28

We are nearing the end of our growing season so the work load is less, but we always welcome volunteers on the farm. In fact, during this tour, feel free to pull up a weed or two, just make sure you ask as many things that other people consider weeds, we consider herbs. Plantain for instance is one of our favorite herbs. But we have plenty of easily identifiable grass, stickers and bindweed to pull.

We will hold the tour rain or shine (or frost) so dress accordingly – we are farmers after all, and wear sturdy shoes. Its a good idea to bring a water bottle too.

We do not have products available for purchase on the farm but we invite you to visit our store at the corner of 3rd and Lashley (340 Lashley, unit 220), an 8 minute drive from the farm, to purchase products. Our esthetician will be at the store immediately following the tour in case you have questions about how to use the products.

Meet on the farm on Aug 28 at 10:00. Park on the concrete drive in front of the garage, or on the grass, off the gravel drive on the north side. Walk down the gravel drive on the north side of the house and meet in front of the outbuilding with the purple door.  Who knows, this may be the first ‘annual’ farm tour. Email us for more information and the address; info @

Farmers Market Peach Facial

As a general rule, a healthy food to eat is also healthy for your skin and we can find a way to use it in skin care. That certainly applies to peaches. Peaches are one of the great joys of summer and easily found at the Farmers Market now. You’ll want to enjoy them in every way possible, even on your face. Its a great way to get the benefits of Farm to Face.

Lets look at some of the nutrients in peaches and how they benefit skin.


Peaches are rich sources of:

Alpha hydroxy acids which are fruit acids that can help remove the dead skin cells that make your complexion dull.

Vitamin A related compounds that include beta carotene, zeaxanthin, lycopene and lutein support skin cell regeneration and play a role in decreasing the risk of cancer. These vitamins also help smooth rough skin and improve its appearance.

Vitamin C supports collagen in the skin giving it more structure and reduces wrinkles. It also helps to fade sun spots.

Vitamin K can help fade dark circles under the eyes by supporting capillaries.

Vitamin B can help skin maintain moisture and decrease skin redness.

Flavonoids and chlorogenic acid are antioxidants to scavenge free radicals and reduce skin damage.


With all these benefits, peaches make a great addition to a facial mask. Try this simple recipe.

Into a food processor put:

1/2 peach – feel free to use a bruised peach for this

1 teaspoon honey (you can find this at the farmers market too)

1 tablespoon yogurt

Mix this together in a food processor until smooth.  You can also add clay if it is an especially juicy peach and needs a little thickening. You can use our clay mask found here.

Using clean fingers, apply mask to the face and neck. Let the peach mixture set on your face for about 10 minutes while you enjoy a cup of tea. Rinse the peach mixture off your face well and pat dry. You’ll love how your skin is glowing now. You can save the unused portion of your mask for a few days in the refrigerator.

Try this facial, or another farmers market based facial and leave a comment below.