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Summer Farm Pictures

It is sometimes hard to find the time to blog this time of year as we are so busy harvesting and drying herbs to use the rest of the year in our skin care products. I thought I’d share a little with you.

lavender and bee

We’ve been harvesting lavender this week. There is a bee in this shot although it is out of focus. Do you see it, right about in the middle?

clary sage

Here is clary sage. We will harvest and distill that soon.



Calendula flowersCalendula harvesting goes on until frost. The more we pick, the more it grows. We love using calendula in our products.

cut tube

I got a little carried away with weeding and cut through our drip hose.

muddy boots

We irrigated yesterday which makes things very muddy. Here are my boots after working in the field.

Juliette’s Internship

Juliette is an intern who came to work with Sagescript/Colorado Aromatics this spring. She is a college student in Limoges France studying business and is almost at the end of her 10 week internship.  She has been an asset to our company and we will miss her. I asked her to write a brief blog about her experience here:



Today, I speak you about my experience as an internship in Colorado Aromatics in Longmont, CO.

I really loved to work in this company because I helped to do different work.
I helped to prepare orders, to manufacture products, to put labels on products, to package products… and I helped to do market survey. For me, it’s better not to do the same work every day, and see new things everyday

In this business, I learned many things especially about plants. Two days of the week I went on the farm and it’s here that I could discover new plants and their different utilities.

I could also see the functioning of a business related to my studies.

Also, I really appreciate this state (Colorado), everyday I saw amazing landscapes. I saw very beautiful sunsets over the mountains. I could discover the very changeable weather in the day. Here it can be very sunny in the morning and then have a big storm in the afternoon. It’s crazy!!
I meet wonderful people who help me to discover Colorado. Here, all the people are very nice and smiling all day, that’s why it was a really pleasure to live here just for a few months.

I hold a very good memory of my first internship.

I wanted to say a big thank you to Cindy for allowing me to live this experience.


Juliette Sabeau