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Radish Festival

The Longmont Farmers Market this weekend is having a radish festival and farmers will come with all things radishes.  Colorado Aromatics will also be there with a skin care tonic made from radishes!


Radishes come in many colors and nutritionally are high in vitamin C (great for increasing collagen in the skin), folates, vitamin B-6, riboflavin, thiamin, iron, magnesium copper, calcium. They are also high in glucosinolates which are important for supporting detox. They are high in vitamin A related compounds such as zeaxanthin, lutein, and beta carotene. Avoid radishes though if you have a thyroid disfunction.

Glucosinolates are a class of sulfur containing chemicals found in cruciferous vegetables. They include indole-3-carbinol and isothiocyanates (sulforaphane). These these are antioxidants and stimulate phase 1\I and II detoxification enzymes in epithelial tissue including skin as well as liver. Glucosinolates are also important in stimulating blood capillaries and reducing water retention. This property can be useful in relieving muscular aches and pains including arthritis.

Try this skin care tips with radish:

Grate 2-3 radishes into a small jar; enough to half way fill the jar.  You can cut some of the leaves in there too. Then  fill the jar with vinegar. Let this set several days so the vinegar can extract the glucosinolates from the radish.  Filter the radishes out and its ready to use. You can see the nice pink color the vinegar turns in this picture.

Radish Vinegar

The radish vinegar can be diluted half and half with water and used as a hair rinse and for a scalp massage. The radish will increase circulation to the scalp which will improve the health of your hair follicles and improve hair growth and strength. It can also help decrease dandruff.

A second great way to use your radish vinegar is to add about half a cup to a foot bath. This will help relieve tired, aching feet.

Need a third tip? Dilute the vinegar about 1 to 10 with water and blot it on the face with a  cotton ball to use as a toner.

If you come to the Longmont farmers market Saturday you can see our vinegar. Stay tuned, there will be other veggie festivals at the market that we will also write skin care tips for.


Red Rocks Beard Oil and Yarrow Cleanser

Drumroll please! Finally here are our two new products – Red Rocks Beard Oil and Yarrow Makeup Remover and Oil Cleanser.BeardOil_YarrowcleanserBoth are farm to skin products that incorporate the power of herbs and science for peak performance.

Red Rocks Beard Oil will freshen and help to control your beard by conditioning the hair, follicles and skin. Using a beard oil is an important part of beard care and with regular use can help keep it soft and manageable. We use nourishing oils that include Argan Oil, Neem Oil and Abyssinian Oils well as extracts of Horehound, Hops and Yarrow to provide shine and conditioning that will have you looking ever the dapper and dazzling gentleman. You’ll love the spicey, vetiver scent which is calming and antiseptic.

Yarrow Makeup Remover and Oil Cleanser can remove even the toughest makeup and skin impurities without drying the skin. This gel-like, oil cleanser emulsifies on the skin leaving a moisture barrier as it rinses away. Gentle and non-comedogenic, Yarrow Cleanser uses light oils including grapeseed and extracts of Yarrow and Red Clover to soothe and cleanse. The antioxidant rich ingredients will nourish dry or oily skin.

Makeup Artist Laura Lee says “This cleanser works perfectly to break down even the most long lasting makeup formulations.  I love massaging it into the skin and removing it with a warm compress or washcloth.  It leaves the skin balanced and ready for the next step in your routine. “

Both products were formulated by Dr. Cindy Jones who brings a scientific perspective to the field of herbalism and natural products formulating. Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care products are made for the outdoor lifestyle that Coloradans love. All Colorado Aromatics products are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to help combat skin damage caused by the environment. Dr. Jones says “inflammation and oxidation are two key processes at work in aging and herbs provide multiple pathways to inhibit these processes.” Realize Your Skin at


You can find Red Rocks Beard Oil here, and Yarrow Oil Cleanser here.