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A Visit to the San Antonio Botanical Garden

When I visit other cities two things I love to check out are botanical gardens and farmers markets. After spending several days inside and sitting down at the USLGA conference I was glad to spend a few hours at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. It was indeed a treat for many senses; eyes, ears, smell and the feel of the sun on a warm, beautiful day.

San Antonio Botanical Gardens Native Area

The gardens is organized in a less formal style than many botanical gardens I’ve been to, especially compared to the Denver Botanic Gardens which I am most familiar with. There were sections showing native plants for the Hill Country, East Texas Pineywoods, and South Texas. I really liked the old and reconstructed older cabins they had on site as well as what was once a small reservoir that was surrounded by a stone wall.

There were not many things blooming as its January! But oh, did I smell some lovely roses. And in the more formal beds there was lots of calendula in bloom.

Another area I really liked was the tiny houses with landscaping out front to give someone an idea of how they can xeriscape their yards.

Landscape Gardens

I had to get a shot of Colorado Aromatics products at the gardens because they like to travel too.

Colorado Aromatics Products

Lastly, this is a grove of bitter orange trees. I pulled a leaf off the rub and smell and was delighted by the aroma of petitgrain oi. Yes, petitgrain comes from the leaves of the bitter orange tree. We use some petitgrain oil in our Springtide Antiaging Face cream. It was a treat to actually smell the leaves from the tree.

Bitter Orange Tree

You can learn more about the San Antonio Botanical Gardens at their website.

New Soaps

Chocolate Soap and Salt Spa BarBesides our typical shea butter soaps that we sell year round I occasionally like to have seasonal soaps. Right now we have two; Chocolate Soap and Salt Spa Bar.

Chocolate soap is great for Valentine’s Day. I recommend pairing it with our Rose Geranium Soap for a twist on the classic Chocolate and Roses for Valentine’s Day. In fact, you can find it in our store in a gift box along with a tube of Cocoa Tango Lip Balm for $15. This soap is made with raw cocoa butter, organic cocoa powder and cocoa liquor to give it a little extra scent. It smells like a chocolate bar.

Our other new soap a Salt Spa Bar. The addition of salt to a bar of soap changes the look and feel of it, giving it a very creamy, lotion-like lather. Although it is not gritty because the salt dissolves, it does leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and exfoliated. The scent in this bar is a White Tea fragrance (one of the few bars we’ve scented with something other than essential oil). Salt soaps are initially rather fragile and crumbly, but once used and ‘wetted’ they are not. Our customers really like these bars and we’ll have them for a limited time.

You’ll find these and our other seasonal soaps here.

Chocolate and Roses

Colorado Aromatics Ribbon Cutting

ribbon cutting

Last Friday (Jan 9) we were excited to celebrate our ribbon cutting ceremony with the Longmont Area Chamber of Commerce. Even though we had our Grand Opening in September, this was a special time with members of the Chamber of Commerce and just a few friends to be welcomed into the business community.

I’m excited about being a new member of the Chamber of Commerce and being more a part of the Longmont community. Through the Chamber I’ll have opportunities for social networking get-togethers before and after hours and the chamber also has some business groups and training programs.

Our store and production facility is a little out of the way; not in the downtown retail area. We wanted it that way so that we could have more room for production. But none the less, I am always looking for ways to let people know that we are there. I was glad that the Ribbon Cutting brought in people who were not aware of our company or our store. I enjoy getting to explain the nature of our business to people.

Longmont is a great community to live and work in and I am happy to have my business here. I look forward to many years of growth and the ability to help support my community in a number of ways.

Are you a member of your Chamber of Commerce?

Aromatic Concert

aromatherapy_setCindy Jones and Sharon Glassman perform another Aromatic Concert

January 15 2015 6-8pm

Walker Fine Art Gallery

300 West 11th at Cherokee 

Denver CO


Music that smells great? It’s true.

In a creative Aha! moment, Dr. Cindy Jones, founder of the Colorado Aromatics natural skincare line and songwriter Sharon Glassman, who writes charmingly original tunes, decided to combine their talents in a singular arts project.

The result: a concert that pairs Glassman’s live performance of selected songs from her new novel-with-songs, BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN, with Colorado Aromatics Aromatic Waters and Skin Care.

Why do music and scents work so well together?

“Songs tap our emotions through sound,” Dr. Jones says. “And scents are powerful emotional enhancing agents, too. I’ll be acting a scent sommelier as Sharon plays. The audience will sense a faint trace of pure lavender during some slower songs, rose during her love songs and peppermint during her other songs. It’s like sound-sound for your nose!”

“I fell in love with Colorado Aromatics products at first sight – and first sniff,” Glassman says. “The lavender line is one of my favorites. But I’m a huge fan of all of their Aromatic Waters or HydroSols. I bring them with me to social events. I spray a little bit on my sleeve to boost my mood, or calm my nerves before a show.”

Sharon Glassman is a nationally-presented writer/performer who specializes in hybrid art forms. Two of her tunes from her new novel-with-songs, BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN, which sets a quirky, inspiring love story in Frank Sinatra’s hometown, have won the Colorado Music Business Organization songwriting contest.

Suggested Donation $20.

RSVP with Walker Fine Art Gallery.


Eating for Good Skin


Chard LeavesA healthy diet is important for healthy skin. But what nutrients specifically are good for your skin?

Vitamin A is necessary for skin cell regeneration and repair as well as to reduce wrinkles and acne. Vitamin A and carotenoids are chemically and functionally similar. You can find high levels of vitamin A or carotenoids in orange and green colored fruits and vegetables and these herbs: parsley, dandelion, peppermint, alfalfa and red raspberry leaf.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is necessary for the production of collagen. This large protein helps support the skin to reduce wrinkles. Vitamin C is found in many fruits and vegetables including oranges, strawberries and peppers.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) is a great antioxidant and can help even out skin tone. It can be found in a wide range of vegetable oils including sunflower oil, almond oil, olive oil and grapeseed oil. Vitamin E is also found in parsley, kale and broccoli.

Vitamin K promotes capillary health. It can decrease bruising and dark circles under the eyes. Basil (Pesto!), parsley and leafy green vegetables are high in vitamin K. Be careful if you are taking blood thinning drugs like Coumadin though as vitamin K counteracts Coumadin.

Vitamin B deficiencies can lead to dermatitis and hair loss. Vitamin B is typically from animal sources but can also be found in eggs and brewers yeast.

Copper is an element important for collagen production and may help tighten skin. It can be found in Swiss chard, spinach, kale and sage.

Zinc is good for wound healing as well as for the immune system. It is found in bilberry, sage, fennel, alfalfa, stinging nettle, parsley, chamomile, hops, chickweed and Echinacea.

Essential fatty acids are important to support healthy skin and form a barrier. These can be found in many vegetable oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil, soy oil and grapeseed oil.

Water is necessary for hydration and moisturizing from the inside is important. Drink more water.

Keeping skin healthy is important for the skin to act as a barrier between the outside of the body and the inside of the body. This barrier function prevents the body from loosing to much water and prevents bacteria and other substances from entering the body. If this barrier is weakened by lack of nutrients, dry skin or from wounds, the body becomes more susceptible to infection. So although we love to apply cosmetics to the surface of our skin to keep it healthy and moisturized, lets not forget about how important diet is for healthy skin.