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Saving the Harvest

Many of us are at that desperate time of year when we are trying to harvest as many herbs as possible before Jack Frost takes them. I cut some mint today because I remember how nice a hot cup of mint tea tastes in the winter. Here are a few tips for drying your herbs.

Cut a bunch of stems about the diameter of your thumb.

Wrap a rubber band around them to secure the ends of the stem.

Hang upside down somewhere warm and dry. I have an ‘herb hut’ outside where I do this, but you could find a place in your kitchen or living space too. Hanging herbs can be very attractive.

Let the bunch hang like this for a few weeks until brittle to the touch. Take the herbs down and using clean fingers strip the dry leaves from the stem and store in a glass jar – labeled of course with the name of the herb and the date.

Remember over the winter that you have these and put some in teas as well as cooking.

For larger amounts of herbs we dry them on shelves on a bakers rack or for flowers we typically dry them in baskets as below.

However you plan to do it, get out now to cut your herbs before its too late.