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Your Farmers Market

We love participating in our local Farmers Market; Boulder County which includes the Boulder and Longmont Markets. It has been a great way to get our product out there for people to try, know and love, but we also like supporting the farmers markets for many other reasons.  Markets help preserve open space which keeps metropolitan areas separate. They also support family farms, small businesses and the local economy. Even if the food you buy at the farmers market is not 100% organic, the amount of pesticide and herbicide used on it is most likely far less than that used by corporate farms. Buying at the farmers market is good for the environment because food is less packaged and travels less. Farmers markets are an educational experience. You are sure to learn of new vegetables and find new recipes at the market. Farmers love talking about their products and educating their customers. Our market has chefs whip up dishes using seasonal foods. We also have community groups at the markets talking about their services and needs.

Many markets have farm artisans that make value added products. This is where we fit in. We use herbs grown on our farm to make Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care products. We love talking to customers about the importance of agriculture in non food areas, especially the farm to skin movement. Kids love farmers markets too. Its fun to give a child $5.00 to spend and see what they end up with, you may be surprised.

Markets are also about building community. As you stroll the market you are seeing your neighbors, meeting local business people, hearing local musicians and eating from local food vendors. Every farmers market is unique to its own town and should be supported by the community. As I travel I love visiting markets as a way to get to know the area. What do you love about your farmers market?